Reduce and Conserve ...the path to more energy savings

An investment in whole-home energy conservation also pays big dividends. Smart measures like Energy Star® appliances, caulking, insulation, ceiling fans, water-conserving fixtures, and more, will pay for themselves quickly as your home energy bills get smaller every month. They're easy to do and the savings start immediately.

The Consumer Energy Council of America believes these kinds of conservation measures, in combination with heating equipment upgrades, "represent the potential for the greatest gains in energy savings, as well as the highest returns on investment."  Begin your own 3-step conservation program today:


  • Reduce household use of fuel and electricity. Less energy consumed translates directly into lower energy bills. Numerous methods let you do this with no loss of home comfort.
  • Keep the air you've paid to warm and cool inside your home. On average, nearly half of your total home energy bill is for heating and cooling – a great reason to prevent heat and air loss.
  • Reduce water consumption and the energy needed to heat it.

Conservation Tips and Your Personal 3-step Plan