Modern, technologically advanced oilheat means cleaner emissions, a cleaner environment and lower bills

Times have changed. So has oilheat

Today, oilheat customers enjoy the environmental benefits of low-sulfur heating oil, with additional innovative eco-friendly fuel choices on the horizon. Like ultra-low sulfur, and bio-blends made from renewable resources. And with highly efficient Energy Star® qualified furnaces plus high-efficiency condensing furnaces reaching efficiencies in the 97% range, modern oilheat is a cleaner, more economical heating option than ever before.

Oilheat leads the way in clean, efficient home heating

In 1973 it took 4,898 litres of oil to heat the average home. Today the average oilheat system uses just 3,153 litres ...35% less fuel! ...and counting.

As well, modern heating oil burns with near-zero emissions. An infinitesimal one-tenth of one percent is discharged as particulates ...and shrinking. That's great news for the environment.

Design advancements like high-pressure flame retention burners, precision microprocessor electronic controls and more, achieve the amazingly clean, efficient performance that makes oilheat equipment the right choice for your green lifestyle and your family's home comfort needs.

Today's modern storage systems give peace of mind

A variety of oil tank styles offer double-wall containment and are made of corrosion resistant materials such as fiberglass and polypropylene. New to the market are double-bottom steel tanks. Versatile space-saving designs make indoor installation a great choice, and optional weather-resistant enclosures provide additional protection for outdoor above-ground storage.

Modern oilheat is Cleaner Heat
™   Better for the environment and better for you.