Modern oilheat contributes to a cleaner, healthier environment

Environmentally friendly home heating oil contributes to a greener world. The U.S. Oilheat Manufacturers Association (OMA) has calculated the costs to society of using various fuels, including their impact on air pollution, crop failures and fishing grounds. The studies show the environmental impact of clean-burning low-sulfur heating oil is as low as natural gas, and MUCH lower than other heating sources. Oilheat is 136% better for the environment than geothermal heat pumps ... 208% better than air-to-air heat pumps ... 516% better than electric resistance heat and electric water heaters ... and oilheat is an amazing 2,437% better for the environment than wood heat!        

Today’s oilheat equipment is remarkably frugal. It burns fuel in a very controlled manner. New oil furnaces are available in the 97% efficiency range, which means that amount of heat stays in the home.
If just 1-in-10 households in North America bought Energy Star™ rated heating equipment, over 17 billion pounds of pollution would be removed from the air.

Clean-burning with near-zero emissions, refinements to today’s heating oil mean 99.9% of the fuel is used to create heat, with less than 0.1% discharged into the environment as particulates.

In the foreseeable future, oilheat customers will have BioFuel options made of renewable resources. And it’s comforting to know existing oilheat equipment is ready – no modification needed.