Oilheat leads the way in clean, efficient home heating

In 1973 it took 4,898 litres of oil to heat the average home. Today the average oilheat system uses just 3,153 litres ...35% less fuel! ...and counting.

As well, modern heating oil burns with near-zero emissions. An infinitesimal one-tenth of one percent is discharged as particulates ...and shrinking. That's great news for the environment.

Oilheat industry furnace and equipment manufacturers are continually finding ways to help the environment while helping homeowners reduce their energy bills and enjoy greater home comfort. Today, just updating one or two components of your oilheat system can make a dramatic reduction in fuel consumption. Upgrade to a whole new Energy Star® rated oilheat system with amazing efficiency of 85% to 97% and watch fuel bills decrease as much as 40%!

An efficiency level of 97% means that amount of heat stays in your home, while only 3% is exhausted to the outside -- maximum value for each litre of oil.

Natural Resources Canada recommends these top-ranked upgrades (savings based on Energy Star rated 85% efficient oil equipment)




Flame Retention Burner 15-18% 250 litres
Efficiency Tune-up up to 10% 150 litres
New Furnace or Boiler up to 40% 450 litres
Programmable Thermostat up to 15% 225 litres 

The oilheat industry continues to make technological advancements, finding ways to conserve even more energy in the future. As well, new BioFuel options are on the horizon and it’s comforting to know existing oilheat equipment is ready – no modification needed.

How Upgrades Quickly Pay for Themselves