Clean, green, modern oilheat fits your lifestyle, and satisfies every comfort need

Oilheat provides the most satisfying heat – warmer on the coldest days, quicker to warm, and also faster to heat your water. Now that's comfort! And oilheat is a perfect match for air conditioning equipment, air cleaning and humidification, in forced air and radiant heat applications.

Modern, technologically-advanced oilheat equipment creates the hottest flame in the home heating industry, burning the air/fuel mixture in a clean, precisely-measured manner that provides exclusive home-comfort benefits.  No other fuel source or equipment can match this performance, and every family should enjoy this kind of comfort ... 


  • The air exiting the registers is up to 30% warmer than with other fuels.
  • Hot water is replenished much faster. An oil-fired water heater can heat water up to twice as fast as natural gas and up to 5 times faster than electricity.
  • Natural Resources Canada studies show oilheat delivers up to 100 gallons of hot water per hour while an equivalent gas-fired water heater may deliver about 30 gallons per hour.