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CUSTOM COHA 2014 WALL CALENDARS -- Orders now Closed.

Ontario-based COHA member, Hutch Sales and Promotion, offers colourful competitively priced 13-month wall calendars for purchase by COHA members -- a custom scenic calendar with enticing photos of Ontario landscapes, plus another for beautiful Atlantic Canada. See the samples below.

Calendar Features

Each calendar page will have an oilheat benefit statement to remind your customers of the clean, safe and energy-efficient comfort of modern oilheat. So it's more than just a pretty face, each calendar will be a hard working sales tool!  Plus, a 2-colour imprint of your company's logo and contact information is FREE with each order.

Inquire about 2015 calendars for your gift program
Next Fall:

Al Hutcheson, 1-519-473-5467
22-40 Quinella Drive
London, ON  N6K 4K9



FREE 2-colour Imprint!